“Granger is not a danger, Granger is a Game Changer”

“Granger is not a danger, Granger is a Game Changer”

Following the People’s Progressive Party’s declaration to their Babu John supporters that they should not support the APNU-AFC coalition because the Presidential Candidate David Granger “is danger”, Mr. Granger has responded and wants the people of the Babu John and the rest of the Corentyne to know that “Granger is not a danger, Granger is the Game Changer”.

Speaking at a Friday morning press briefing, Mr. Granger said under an APNU-AFC government, the people of the Corentyne like the rest of the country will see real change as they head towards a good life. He explained that the Corentyne region continues to be affected by criminal activities and that’s an area that a government under his watch will focus on.

Asked what message he would give to the people of the Corentyne following the PPP’s Babu John meeting, Granger  said “I would tell them that I would make the country safer from piracy which affects the Corentyne more seriously  than other areas and I would make sure the residents are safer from banditry, I would ensure that the sugar industry is reformed so that the poor worker turnout rates are turned around and I would engage the Guyana Agriculture Workers Union and the Corporation on a turn around plan for the sugar industry to protect the jobs of the workers in that industry.”

He said he would also focus on the rice industry and put systems in place that would see rice farmers being paid promptly. Mr. Granger added that he would be put in place a stabilization fund that would cushion the industry when millers are unable to pay the farmers in a timely manner. The same plan he said would be put in place in other rice farming areas.

The APNU-AFC Presidential Candidate also outlined that he would give great focus to the education system across the region and pay additional attention to the Tain Campus of the University of Guyana which continues to receive complaints about how that campus is being managed.

“There are education problems which have to be sorted out. There are security problems that have to be sorted out. There are industrial problems in terms of the sugar and rice industry and I do believe that the message that we will carry to the East Berbice Corentyne region will be able to win many of the PPP supporters over to the APNU-AFC coalition. That is my message. Things will be better for East Berbice/Corentyne”.

Mr. Granger said citizens of the Berbice region are looking for a “good life” and are moving away from the “nonsense” that the PPP would offer at their meetings in the area.

He said the East Berbice/Corentyne region is not considered a stronghold of the PPP Civic because people continue to move away from the party.

The coalition is expected to host a number of rallies and meetings in the Berbice region to roll out their plan for the region and the rest of the country.

Filed:  13th March, 2015

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