Rohee tells Babu John Granger is danger and moses is neemakaram

Rohee tells Babu John Granger is danger and moses is neemakaram

General Secretary of the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Clement Rohee continued tradition on Sunday and used this year’s annual Babu John event to harshly criticize the political opposition, accusing the newly formed opposition coalition of having persons who according to him, have ran foul of the law.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters who gathered to pay tribute to PPP/C founder leader and former President, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Rohee rallied supporters to be ready for the upcoming May 11 general and regional elections and stay true to the (PPP/C) battle cry: “forward ever, backward never.” A shouting Rohee said the opposition coalition is filled of confusion and is united by their hate, bitterness and envy for the PPP/C.

He warned however that like a scorpion, the party has not lost its sting. “We have to fight them and fight them we will to ensure we win these elections. These elections are about good over evil and good always wins,” he added.

He said Opposition Leader and leader of the coalition David Granger is nothing but danger and urged supporters to repeat “Granger is danger” as their mantra and stay clear of the APNU/AFC coalition. Rohee said Granger and other Party members claim on a daily basis to be decent but that is far from the truth. The PPP/C GS was particularly critical of the coalition’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo, who is also a former PPP/C member.

“He must be condemned for selling out what the PPP fought to establish. Expose him for what he is.” He told supporters that there was too much at stake at the upcoming elections, reasoning that a vote for the APNU/AFC coalition would be a vote for instability, backwardness and a weak government. Rohee said if Guyanese were really interested in change they would vote for the PPP/C and opined that the only change the opposition can offer is a name change.

He is confident that the Party will regain the more than 10,000 votes it lost in Berbice at the 2011 elections and promised to keep the ideals of Jagan alive after securing a win at the elections. The PPP/C has over the years used the occasion to criticize the political opposition with many condemning the use of the event for such political grandstanding.

Filed: 8th March, 2015

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