It’s just not us with big houses -Jagdeo talks about PPP changes

It’s just not us with big houses  -Jagdeo talks about PPP changes

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo was in campaign mode on Sunday afternoon as he told the large crowd gathered for the annual memorial event for late President Cheddi Jagan that Guyana has seen real changes under the PPP administration and Guyanese should stay the course for more changes.

Mr. Jagdeo said the APNU-AFC cannot offer the change that Guyanese may need since the two parties have the “same old people” who are stuck in their “same old ways”.

He said change is not just about slogans but about real things that are happening all across Guyana.  To illustrate that change, the former President highlighted development across the country and touched on his much criticized mansion in Pradoville 2.

“It’s not only Jagdeo and a couple ministers who have big houses, go around the country and see what is happening, go and see the transformation. People use to go with bicycles and donkey carts and to public meetings; I pass by the Square of the Revolution when the PNC has meeting and its traffic jam. They all have vehicles and they say there is no progress”, Jagdeo said.

He also said while the opposition is worried about his pension package, they are looking to add three vice presidents to their cabinet should the coalition win the upcoming elections.

According to the former President, the party’s supporters have very short memories and sometimes they choose to forget things of the past. He said the opposition has only been good at opposing things and opposing progress in the country. He said the party needs to go back to the ideals of the late Cheddi Jagan and the way he would do things.

Mr. Jagdeo at one point during his fiery speech turned to President Ramotar and told him that he is too democratic and that sometimes he needs to “kick them in their asses”, referring to the opposition and their cuts to the national budget over the past three years.

Jagdeo warned his party’s followers to be on the look out for the racism during the upcoming elections. He claimed that during the last elections, the opposition parties rallied afro Guyanese to vote out the indo Guyanese. He said the party must pay attention to those things and rally behind Donald Ramotar at the upcoming elections.

He thanked Prime Minister Samuel Hinds for the work he has done for the party over the past two decades.

The 2015 elections will mark the first time since 1992 that Hinds will not be the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the PPP.  Director General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Elisabeth Harper will serve as that Prime Ministerial Candidate.

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