Jagdeo to hit campaign trail for Ramotar at New York fundraiser

Jagdeo to hit campaign trail for Ramotar at New York fundraiser

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo will hit the campaign trail in New York for President Donald Ramotar. Mr. Jagdeo is scheduled to travel to New York for a campaign fundraising event in Queens.

The meeting will take place on April 11, 2015 at the Hillside Banquet Hall. According to reports, the event has been organised by supporters of the PPP in the Queens area and Jagdeo will serve as the guest speaker at the US$100 per person event.

The former President has been at the forefront of several events for the PPP’s re-election efforts. On Sunday, he was one of the main speakers at the party’s rally in the Kitty area.

At that rally he created a scenario of a Guyana moving backward should the APNU+AFC coalition win the May 11 polls. He has been taking on and challenging opposition candidates for the elections, although he has admitted that he will not be a candidate on the list for the PPP when that list is presented on April 7 to the Guyana Elections. The Opposition parties have described him as “irrelevant” to the campaign and said he is attempting to steal the spotlight from President Donald Ramotar. Mr. Jagdeo is more convinced that the opposition parties and former PPP members have an obsession with him.

Jagdeo has indicated that he is not interested in any constitutional office but said he will remain part of the PPP campaign team for the elections.

He recently came under heavy criticism from the children of late President Cheddi Jagan after he compared his mansion and lavish lifestyle to that of the late President.

While not apologizing for his remarks, he told the media that former PPP executive member Ralph Ramkarran ought to be blamed for the response of the Jagans since he believes their response was based on Ramkarran’s article on the issue.

In response to Jagdeo’s comparison to Cheddi Jagan, Ramkarran who lived next to the Jagans and worked along with the PPP founder for decades said “it is a sin for Bharrat Jagdeo to use the example of Cheddi Jagan to justify his mansion, his pension and his Cadillac lifestyle.”


Filed: 30th March 2015

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