APNU+AFC calls out PPP over “Jagdeo’s appeal for racist politics”

APNU+AFC calls out PPP over “Jagdeo’s appeal for racist politics”

The APNU-AFC coalition on Monday evening called on Guyanese to reject what it called “Jagdeo’s appeal for racist politics”. The coalition was referring to statements made by former President Bharrat Jagdeo at the Babu John memorial for late Presidents Cheddi Jagan and Janet Jagan.

During his fiery speech, Jagdeo claimed that during the 2011 elections, members of one ethnic group would go beating drums to wake up their supporters and encourage them to vote out members of another ethnic group.

The APNU-AFC said the People’s Progressive Party ought to be focusing on issues and should not be appealing for racist politics.

“It is beyond question now that the PPP has completely strayed from the philosophy of Dr. Jagan. The PPP elite live Cadillac and mansion lifestyles, flying in private jets and spending millions on cosmetic dental work and boast about it on the political platform while their supporters are trucked in to these events on crudely assembled vehicles”, the APNU-AFC statement said.

 According to the coalition, “what is even more disturbing is Jagdeo’s appeal for racist politics. His comments about a certain group of people “being in” contradicts all the pleadings of the PPP being a multi-ethnic party representative of all Guyana.”

The APNU-AFC said Guyanese must reject the subliminal call for racist politics which it said is just another “despicable modern call for apaan jhaat.”  IMG_2225

During the Babu John event, other PPP leaders referred to former PPP Executive member, now APNU-AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo as a “neemakaram”.

The coalition said the PPP ought to be focusing the road ahead and trying to foster national unity and hope. It said that “instead of forward looking, the PPP is trapped in the politics of the past and filled with leaders who are more comfortable wallowing in the gutter of fear and ignorance rather than travelling the high road of National Unity and hope.”

“Having no record of progress to articulate, or any worthwhile or forward-looking national development agenda to present to the nation Ramotar and Jagdeo competed  in the annual ‘cuss the Opposition’ ritual.”

The Opposition coalition also said that there ought to be more respect for the people  of Guyana as the campaign season heats up, noting that comments such as “kick up the asses” are s”ymptomatic of Donald Ramotar and Bharrat Jagdeo public posture of disrespect and contempt for the Guyanese people. It speaks too to a streak and pattern of violence which has been introduced into PPP public statements. This follows comments by President Ramotar about the slapping of Amerindians.”

Speaking at the annual memorial, President Ramotar said Guyanese should stick at his side in the name of Dr. Jagan and the PPP.

“I ask y0u in the name of Cheddi Jagan and in the name of the PPP, I ask you to stand by me on May 11 as we go forward to win these elections”, Ramotar told the large crowd gathered at the memorial site.

Referring the over 11,000 Berbicians who voted for the Alliance For Change at the last elections, Ramotar cautioned them against “making mistakes at this time”. He said “our country has gone through too much. We cannot reverse, now is the time for us to continue on the direction that we have started.”


Filed: 9th March, 2015

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