Rohee says Granger will see who is really “too weak” if protests not peaceful

Rohee says Granger will see who is really “too weak” if protests not peaceful

Guyana’s Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, on Tuesday said he hopes that the peaceful protests that have been started by the Opposition Leader remain peaceful and do not affect the good order of the society. Speaking to the media, Rohee said the Opposition Leader could find out “who is really too weak to fight”, if those protests become unruly.

Earlier in the week, the Opposition Leader David Granger said the Home Affairs Minister was too weak and too distracted to deal with problems in the prison system.

Rohee said he has heard the comment but he is paying close attention to the start of protests by the Opposition APNU to press the government for Local Government Elections.

“I am not threatening anybody or warning, but I am just saying that he announce that these things will be peaceful and I hope that there will be peaceful because if they are not peaceful and should there be any divergence from the peacefulness of any of those protest activities organised by Mr. Granger, resulting in upsetting the peace and good order of our country, then he will see who is too weak to fight”, Rohee told the media.

The Opposition party has started protests across the country to press the government to set a date for local government elections. Mr. Granger has said that the protests will be peaceful and that they will be lawful.

The Private Sector Commission has already expressed some worry about the start of the protests but the Opposition Leader said he did not heat the Private Sector Commission’s concern with the People’s Progressive Party had its supporters protesting during the budget debates and after.

The Trades Union Congress has also lashed out at the PSC over its concerns saying that the body must not believe it can determine who can protest and who cannot protest.

Filed: 23rd September, 2014


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