Granger on time bomb of Amaila excuses -Rohee

Granger on time bomb of Amaila excuses   -Rohee

Minister of Home Affairs and new General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Clement Rohee has declared that Opposition Leader David Granger is running out of excuses when it comes to his reasons for not supporting the Amaila Falls Hydro Power project.

At a Monday morning press conference at the Freedom House headquarters of the PPP, Mr. Rohee said the Opposition Leader and his Partnership for National Unity cannot on one hand complain about youth unemployment while voting against a project that the Government says would have created jobs for youths.

“Mr. Granger and his party cannot on one hand sabotage efforts which will lead to the creation of jobs for Guyanese, particularly youths and then at the same time gripe about youth unemployment being a ‘ticking time bomb”, Rohee declared.

Last Friday, Opposition Leader David Granger said the Government has not been doing enough to address the problem of youth unemployment and that the country was sitting on a ticking time bomb if it did not address the problem.

Mr. Granger  called for “the construction of permanent institutes for agricultural and technical education in every region”.

He added that there is a need for the promotion of an integrated programme for job creation and he called on the PPP/C administration to “promulgate a national youth policy for Guyana’s youths in order to avert a dangerous social crisis”.

PPP General Secretary Rohee wants Granger to decide what he really wants when it comes to job creation.

According to Rohee,  “in reality it is Mr. Granger who is sitting on a ‘time bomb’ as he is running out of excuses and every time he utters a word, the magnitude of his misinformation to his constituents is being revealed”.

Although the APNU voted against the Amaila Falls Bill, the legislation was still able to make its way through the National Assembly as both the Government and the Alliance For Change supported the Bill. However, the Sithe Global company which served as developers, pulled out of the project claiming that it wanted national consensus.


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