Surinam Airways eyes New York market, to add additional Miami flight

Surinam Airways eyes New York market, to add additional Miami flight

Suriname’s national Flag carrier, Surinam Airways is eyeing the Georgetown -New York route and airline officials are hoping to begin operations between the two destinations in November of this year.

Surinam Airways Guyana Station Manager, Rudi Westerborg told News Source on Monday, that his company has acquired an additional aircraft and is now in a better position to explore the New York route.

Currently, the airline operates twice weekly flights between Georgetown and Miami.

Mr. Westerborg said “we now have a third aircraft and that brings us some operations space to take on other destinations. Right now in Paramaribo, management is busy trying to figure out all of the new things we will have to put in place”.

He explained that once they begin the New York service, it will call for additional pilots and crew and the company is looking at situation that right now.

Surinam Airways reintroduced its Guyana service in April, 2012 and the carrier reports that it has been doing well in the market so far. However, for two weeks in September, the airline will only operate Georgetown to Miami flights and not Miami to Georgetown.

The station Manager explained that they have noticed that for those two last weeks in September, there is a big reduction in bookings from Miami to Georgetown. He said for the four flights that would be covered during that period, they have an average of six passengers per flight and stopping in Guyana with six passengers would not be cost effective especially at a time when they have recognized a spike in bookings from Miami to Suriname.

The airline has informed those six passengers of its decisions and have transferred them to Caribbean Airlines. Passengers flying from Georgetown to Miami will not be affected as that flight will remain on schedule.

The Surinam Airways flights to Miami from Georgetown originates in Paramaribo and would make an in-transit stop in Guyana on its return to Suriname.

The airline Manager said the company has full confidence in the Guyana market and intends to add an additional flight between Georgetown and Miami within the next month.

Caribbean Airlines is the only other carrier serving the Miami market from Guyana and Caribbean Airlines is currently the only airline flying between Georgetown and New York.

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