Nigel Hughes accepts nomination for AFC Leader; Sets up two-man race with Sherod Duncan

Nigel Hughes accepts nomination for AFC Leader; Sets up two-man race with Sherod Duncan

Prominent Attorney-at-Law and former Chairman of the Alliance For Change, Nigel Hughes has accepted the nomination and has officially joined the running to be the next Leader of the Alliance For Change.

AFC Executive Member, David Patterson who was also nominated for the position of Leader has declined the nomination and has thrown his support behind Mr. Hughes.

Patterson, has since accepted the nomination for Chairman of the party, and Nigel Hughes will be supporting him for that position.

With Hughes accepting the nomination for Leader, it means that the race for Leader will be between himself and party General Secretary, Sherod Duncan, who has also accepted nomination for the position.

In a joint statement last night, Hughes and Patterson thanked the various groups that have nominated them for various positions within the party structure.

Hughes and Patterson explained that they believe it is in the best interest of both the AFC and the country not to compete against each other but to present a unified front.

They explained that their acceptance of nomination for the positions of Leader and Chairperson respectively will also unify the AFC.

“I fully endorse Nigel Hughes as the best candidate to lead the AFC at this time as we head into the 2025 Regional and General Elections. I am confident that with his leadership, our victory at the polls will be guaranteed,” the statement quoted Mr. Patterson as saying.

For his part, Mr. Hughes said he is humbled by the nomination and is looking forward to serve his party and country.

“I am deeply appreciative of the great sacrifice made by David Patterson to decline the nomination for Leader. David has given outstanding service both at the party and national levels. I look forward to our joint united collaboration in building a stronger AFC and a modern Guyana. The AFC is and has always been the most inclusive political party and I am humbled to accept the nomination to lead this great party,” Mr. Hughes noted.

The AFC is set to host its National Conference next weekend, where it will elect new leadership.

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