Sherod Duncan accepts nomination for AFC Leader position; Hughes still to decide

Sherod Duncan accepts nomination for AFC Leader position; Hughes still to decide

As the race for the leadership of the Alliance For Change (AFC) begins, the party’s General Secretary, Sherod Duncan, announced that he will be accepting the nomination for the position of Leader of the AFC.

At the close of nominations on Wednesday, Mr. Duncan secured a total of 15 nominations for the position of Leader, while former party Chairman Nigel Hughes, and former General Secretary, David Patterson, both secured two nominations each for the same position. 

 In a statement, Duncan expressed his gratitude to the members of the AFC for their support. 

“Before I accept your nomination, I must let you know that it is with a deep sense of humility, I accept the magnitude of the moment and importantly too, the responsibility that goes with it, and I seek your continued help and your continued guidance. My deepest appreciation goes to all the party groups for nominating me and I shall forever remain grateful for the recognition that I have received,” Duncan said in a Facebook post. 

He said his nomination was a result of the hardworking members of the Alliance For Change, with whom he has had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Attorney Nigel Hughes told News Source today that his decision on his nomination is pending. 

“No final position on the issue,” he said, adding that “there have to be internal discussions on [a number of] principles.”

News Source was unable to make contact with Mr. David Patterson. 

However, both Patterson and Duncan were also nominated for the position of Chairman along with Cathy Hughes, who is the incumbent Chairman, and Juretha Fernandes.

Seven persons received nominations for the position of Vice Chairman. They include: Cathy Hughes, Arnold Sukhraj, Haimraj Rajkumar, David Patterson, Dereck Basdeo, Mark Goring and Michael Carrington. 

Raphael Trotman, Cathy Hughes, Dereck Basdeo, and Ricky Ramsaroop were also nominated for the position of General Secretary of the AFC. 

The AFC said the key Executive positions will be complimented by 12 elected members of the National Executive Committee (NEC). There are more than 60 members vying for the NEC. 

The elections for these key posts will take place during the AFC’s National Conference on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

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