GuyOil teams up with Republic Bank to introduce Point of Sale service at GuyOil stations

GuyOil teams up with Republic Bank to introduce Point of Sale service at GuyOil stations

Customers paying for fuel and accessories at select GUYOIL gas stations can now do so electronically using their Visa or Master Cards, with the launch of the company’s point-of-sale payment service.

 The new payment option is being facilitated through Republic Bank’s Point-of-Sale (POS) payment, and it will enable customers to use their credit or debit cards from any of the local commercial banks to make payments. 

At the launch today at GUYOIL’s Head Office on Camp Street, GUYOIL’s General Manager, Molly Hassan, said the groundbreaking venture is an important step, as the 48-year-old state run company moves to enhance customers’ experience through increased efficiency.

“After several months of negotiations, discussions between GUYOIL and members of the Banking Sector, GUYOIL is now ready to offer the convenience that has become an integral part of our daily lives – the ability to pay for gasoline, diesel, ultra-low sulfur, kerosene, at our pumps using any VISA or Mastercard…This innovation will allow drivers to pay for gasoline without even needing cash, minimizing the interaction with our service attendants,” Hassan said. 

She said the adoption of the Point-of-Sale service represents a major step in modernizing the payment systems in the fuel industry and raising the bar on service standards.

Republic Bank’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Jonelle Dummett, said the initiative supports the bank’s trust for digital solutions, and increases its merchant locations across the country. Dummett said the POS service will allow customers to utilize the services of GUYOIL with ease using their local and international credit and debit cards. 

“By combining our expertise in banking with GUYOIL’s extensive network of gas stations, we are revolutionizing the fuel experience for Guyanese customers and this collaboration exemplifies our commitment to customer satisfaction by simplifying everyday transactions,” the Republic Bank Marketing and Communications Manager said.

Initially, the POS system will be available at GUYOIL’s three main locations at Providence, Regent Street and Sheriff Street.

However, the company plans to expand this service to all of its stations across the country eventually. 

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