PPP concerned about possible shortage of polling day staff

PPP concerned about possible shortage of polling day staff

The governing People’s Progressive Party Civic PPP/C on Monday disclosed that it was recently made aware that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) may have come up short in some regions in its quest to hire polling day staff.

While there has been no official word from the elections body, the ruling Party is maintaining that significant shortages exist in Regions One and Six.

In this regard, General Secretary Clement Rohee urged GECOM to reopen the application process to allow for submission of applicants who are qualified and desirous of working on ‘E’ Day.

“Situations like this could lead to the relaxing of requirements and accepting of second standard choices and hand picking of persons,” Rohee reasoned.

He said is Party is totally against this since it could have dire consequences on the integrity of the electoral process.

Rohee also feels that this development also justifies the Party’s call for public vetting of polling day staff and explained that the call is not intended to deprive anyone of an opportunity but to build public trust and confidence in GECOM’s machinery.

GECOM has already said that it is not inclined to public vetting since it risks losing persons who may not want their pictures and information published.

“Flaws and inconsistency have marred our elections especially by unqualified and bias polling day staff. The PPP views this as an appropriate and proactive step to ensure free and fair elections,” said Rohee.

He also restated the Party’s rejection of the use of Information clerks at polling stations, saying it was a total failure in 2011 and served as a catalyst for frustrating voters.

The ruling Party wants GECOM to embark on a massive voter education program.


Filed: 16th March, 2015

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