PPP not happy with reduction of private residences as polling stations

PPP not happy with reduction of private residences as polling stations

The People’s Progressive Party is accusing the Guyana Elections Commission of attempting to disenfranchise its supporters by its decision to reduce the number of private residences to be used as polling places.

In a statement on Thursday night, the PPP said it is “deeply disturbed” by the decision of GECOM and the party claims that most of the reductions are in PPP strongholds.

The party has since expressed its concerns to the Guyana Elections and has issued a call on the international observers to look into the matter.

The PPP said the move may be an attempt to frustrate voters and that could lead to confusion on Elections Day.

The PPP said it received a revised list of polling stations on Monday and has since filed a number of objections with the Elections Commission. It has also offered some recommendations.

According to the party, only one of its recommendations has been taken on board by the Commission, with the others being rejected.

The PPP claims that in some areas, there has been a significant reduction in polling places with the removal of private residences. It pointed to a number of areas along the East Coast Demerara corridor.

The PPP said it wants GECOM to adopt a posture that will see a smooth voting process on elections day.

The Guyana Elections Commission for its part has indicated that it is using more public buildings as polling stations and reminded that the decision to use less private residences is one that had been recommended by The Carter Center.

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