Rihanna teases new song ahead of album

Rihanna teases new song ahead of album

(Hollywood Life) Attention, Rihanna Navy: Queen RiRi has graced us with the glorious sound of her voice in not one, but TWO teasers for her brand new track, ‘If Only For A Night.’ Prepare to be amazed — because this song sounds like it’s going to be a hit!

Rihanna, 27, just made our day by posting back-to-back Instagram vids, featuring 15-second snippets of the latest tune from her eighth album, “Only If For A Night.” Along with the 30 seconds of musical heaven Rihanna’s blessed us with, the Barbadian beauty has given us a sneak peek at her upcoming Dior campaign. Her song, which will be featured in the ads, is the backdrop for the pop star as she is seen running around the Palace of Versailles — looking absolutely flawless and fashion-forward. Check it out!

Rihanna ‘Only If For A Night’ — She Teases New Song In Two Dior Ads

Let’s start with Rihanna’s first upload. As a creepy-yet-amazing piano riff begins, we see the 27-year-old making her way up a grand staircase at Versailles. And our jaws are still on the floor from watching this, btw. Those shoes. That strut. Yes, she is working it! We’re not kidding when we tell you these fifteen seconds will literally change your life.

And the second preview is just as fabulous. Running through a “secret garden” (the theme for Dior’s campaign), Rihanna collapses to the ground in the most breathtaking fall we have ever witnessed. “Only If For A Night” lends itself as the perfect soundtrack for this epic scene. Make the best decision of your whole day and watch these one right after the other.

Seriously, it’s pure magic. We’re counting down the minutes until we can snag this song on iTunes!


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