12-year-old boy killed by speeding motor car

12-year-old boy killed by speeding motor car

A Paradise father cried out uncontrollably as he gripped the body of his lifeless son moments after the young man was hit down off his bicycle and killed by a speeding motor car that operated as a taxi.

The 12-year-old boy has been identified as Cujoe McPherson of Paradise, East Coast Demerara. He was a student of President’s College.

The boy was on his way back home after running an errand when he was hit off his bicycle from behind by a speeding Toyota motor car. His body was pitched for several yards. The incident took place just after 12 o’clock on Sunday afternoon.

Persons in the area said the impact was very loud and the youth was pitched to the side of the roadway in a clump of bushes. The boy’s father, Cujoe Mcpherson Snr. said he wants justice for his son. According to the man, he raised his son by himself after his wife moved out of their home. He said he was a very committed father who loved his son and now his son has been ripped away from him because of the carelessness of a driver.

“I need justice, this was my pride and joy and I don’t even know how I will move on, my son was my life”, he said, while fighting back tears.

Residents in the community said the driver is  no stranger to road accidents and was once involved in smash up when he drove a mini bus. They expressed surprise that he was still being allowed to drive public transportation. The driver is in custody.


Filed: 29th December, 2014


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