14 year old girl stabbed to death by step father

14 year old girl stabbed to death by step father

A 14-year-old West Demerara girl was stabbed to death on Wednesday evening by her step father during an argument at the family’s home at Plastic City Squatting area, West Coast Demerara. The incident occurred just after 8pm, according to investigators.

The dead teen has been identified as Fenella Samuels. She was stabbed 15 times to her body. The 63-year-old step father, Fitz Josiah has since gone into hiding according to the police. Neighbours and family of the dead girl launched a  manhunt  for him in the West Demerara area late on Wednesday.

According to the police, the girl’s mother came running into the station covered in blood to report that her young daughter was being attacked by the step father. Reports indicate that the teen and the step dad were in a heated argument when the man became violent and attacked and stabbed the 14-year-old multiple times to various parts of her body.

The argument began after the young girl threatened to expose the sexual abuse at the hands of the 63 old step father. During the argument, the teenage girl said that had evidence and was going to call in the police. That apparently incensed the elderly man who first slapped the teen, then followed her into the bedroom with a knife where unleashed his cowardly attack.

The girl’s mother, Mildred Rose tried to fight off his attack but she too was stabbed to her arms and she fled the scene.

Neighbours in the area recalled hearing screams coming from the house and when they decided to see what was going on, they found the bleeding young girl on the bed. She was rushed to the West Demerara Hospital where she died.

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