Details emerge of teen girl killer

Details emerge of teen girl killer

The 63-year-old man fingered in the brutal murder of his 14-year-old stepdaughter is being described as “a man with a bad temper who always had issues with his nerves”.

Police investigators believe the elderly man identified as Fitz Josiah brutally stabbed his stepdaughter Fenella Samuels during a heated argument at the family’s West Coast Demerara squatting home. The teenage girl was stabbed multiple times to her body. Police investigators said there were at least 15 stab wounds.

A former work mate of the man who does not want their identity to be revealed told News Source that “Josiah” always boasted about having the ability to murder someone. “He used to work here at the Linden hospital and boasted about killing before. He even said he would do it again and get off “, the former work mate said.

The man lost his job at the hospital after the hospital’s administration realised that he had been lying about his age and had long past the age of retirement. After losing his job, Fitz Josiah moved to the West Coast Demerara Squatting community at Plastic City in Vreed-en-hoop. His wife, Mildred Rose and her two children eventually joined him.

Another person who also worked at the Linden Hospital with the wanted man said he appeared “as an alcoholic” but was talented. He was known for making and showcasing pieces of craft made out of thread.

The man’s wife, Mildred told Police investigators that on Wednesday night there was a big argument in the house between her daughter and the man. The young girl had accused the man of sexually assaulting her. The mother said the girl threatened that she had evidence of his actions. She said the argument became heated and the man slapped the 14-year-old who ran to her bedroom.

The mother told investigators that she saw her husband run behind the girl with a knife and started to stab the teen. Her efforts to fight off the attack was foiled as the man stabbed her to one of her arms and she fled the scene.

Neighbours said they ran over to the house after hearing the young girl’s screams. Her bloodied body was lying on the bed and the 63-year-old man was nowhere to be seen. He had already escaped from the scene and the carnage.

The murder of the 14-year-old girl shocked the small community of plastic city. Residents started a manhunt for the elderly man late Wednesday night. He was caught by an alert group of youths in the Vreed en hoop area just around nightfall on Thursday.


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