AFC raises concern over adjustments to constituencies for LGE at this stage

AFC raises concern over adjustments to constituencies for LGE at this stage

Leader of the Alliance For Change Khemraj Ramjattan, today shared the view that the move by the government to adjust some constituency boundaries will cause tremendous problems and will set the stage for massive confusion at the Local Government Elections.

Mr. Ramjattan said by adjusting the boundaries, some independent candidates may find it difficult to campaign since one single street could now find its way into two different constituencies.

“It is all illegal and illegitimate what they are doing, I understand from certain independent candidates that want to run, they are not so certain which constituency they are in. And you have to understand that this thing has to be properly delineated because you can put up a candidate from Delph street thinking that he is from this constituency on the Western Side when it is not so,” Ramjattan stated.

The Alliance For Change will not be contesting the March 2023 Local Elections since the party believes that the current list of electors is bloated.

However, Mr. Ramjattan said today that the apparent adjustment of the boundaries show that the country is not ready for local poll since according to him, the boundaries must be properly demarcated so that candidates and voters alike are not confused by the process.

But by going out and adjusting the boundaries, Ramjattan pointed out that some voters will be disenfranchised and that will also be unlawful.

“Our laws as it now exists has a residency requirement for Local Government Election and what the Chief Justice had ruled on had to do with National and regional elections  but we have a certain section that says voters voting in the Local Government Elections must be resident within the Local government area,” Mr. Ramjattan noted.

AFC executive Member David Patterson also weighed in on the issue.

According to Mr. Patterson, the move by the government is a strange one explaining that the government is seeking to adjust the boundaries after the Guyana Elections Commission asked political parties and independent candidates to submit their symbols.

“These things are done way before you start the formal process,” Patterson said.

Minister of Local Government Nigel Dharmalll in announcing the decision said the move is to ensure greater participation at the local polls.

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