AFC unearths “plot to tarnish its Leaders” with sex abuse claims

AFC unearths “plot to tarnish its Leaders” with sex abuse claims

The opposition party, Alliance For Change on Sunday said it has uncovered a plot by the governing People’s Progressive Party to attack and tarnish its leaders.

According to a Sunday statement from the AFC, the party is “now in receipt of information that a completely fabricated accusation of sexual abuse of a minor is being initiated against one of its senior members Raphael Trotman. The party views this as an attempt to create mischief by manufacturing a falsified public impression of the party of its official”.

News Source understands that the allegations are being thrown around by a young Guyanese man who lives between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago and who is reportedly known to  suffer from depression and mental issues.

The young man has in the past accused several other persons in Guyana and Trinidad of sexually assaulting him. He reportedly recently came to Guyana and had discussions with some activists of the governing party and he now claims that when he was younger he was sexually assaulted by his father and friends and also by the Speaker of the National Assembly.

The young man was reportedly invited by the National Communications Network recently to tell his story. In a Facebook post, the young man claimed that he was being offered millions of dollars to settle the alleged incidents. In one Facebook post he said “I have an will fully expose everyone in the event of my death NCN have done a video interview an there is a legal matter know pending in the Magistrate court”.

The young man claims that he is being represented by an Attorney at Law who is a known activist of the governing party and the relative of a government minister.

In a statement, Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman denied the allegations.

Trotman said “A malicious and unfounded allegation of sexual molestation has been made against me by an unstable young man who sadly, appears to have a troubled mind. I categorically deny his wicked assertions.  Unfortunately, he seems to have been conveniently encouraged by manipulative and diabolic political forces”,  Trotman said in his statement.

He further added that “conveniently, such scandalous assertions are obviously intended to provide a timely distraction from the serious prevailing political situation in Guyana, which imminently requires me as Speaker of the National Assembly to guide the ship of the nation’s parliament  through the strongest test  to Guyana’s constitutional democracy: the debate of a no confidence motion”.

Trotman said he will not allow the office of Speaker of the National Assembly to be compromised or be denigrated by false accusations for political expediency.

“There is absolutely no truth in the allegation, and I am confident that the masterminds and supporters of this dastardly plot will soon be exposed”, he said, while calling for a thorough and professional investigation into the allegations.

The Alliance For Change in its own statement said it condemns, in the strongest possible terms, “the reprehensible exploitation of this, such a heinous crime against minors, for political purposes.”

“The AFC calls on the known supporters and members of the PPP/C to desist from colluding with persons who have been obviously induced to fabricate these claims”, the party statement added.


Filed: 21st September, 2014

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