America St. money changer gunned down in city

America St. money changer gunned down in city

An America Street money changer was gunned down on Lombard Street in Georgetown on Thursday morning as he made his way to work. The dead man has been identified as Eccles resident Bridgelall Persaud.

According to sources, just after 8 o’ clock on Thursday morning, Persaud was driving his motor car along Lombard Street in heavy traffic when two men pulled up close to his vehicle and discharged several rounds.

The man was hit a number of times to the chest. The men reportedly grabbed a bag of money  that was in the car and escaped as persons heading to work scampered for cover.

Shocked family members wailed uncontrollably as news of the man’s death was confirmed. They were too overcome with grief to offer any comment. Investigators believe the money changer may have been traced all the way from his Eccles, East Bank Demerara home by the assailants and they may have waited for the right time to launch their murderous attack.

An investigation has been launched.

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