American woman arrested at airport after rushing security

American woman arrested at airport after rushing security

An American woman who was an outgoing passenger was on Saturday morning briefly arrested at the Cheddi Jagan airport after she attempted to rush past airport security after being told that she would not be able to board a Caribbean Airlines flight to the United States.

The woman was scheduled to fly out on the Caribbean Airlines flight but the airline reportedly made a decision not to allow her on the aircraft after she appeared hostile and incoherent while presenting herself to check-in agents. Airline officials reportedly became concerned about the woman’s outbursts at staff members and her behavior.

After she was blocked from being allowed on the flight, she attempted to run pass security and was reportedly wrestled to the ground taken into custody and airport officials sought to get more information about her identity and whether she has relatives in Guyana. News Source understands that her relatives eventually arrived and she was released into their care. There are reports that the woman may be suffering from depression and post traumatic stress syndrome and may not have taken her medication before heading to the airport.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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