Passenger drops dead at airport check-in counter

Passenger drops dead at airport check-in counter

A 61 year old passenger who was late for his non-stop flight to Toronto, Canada collapsed and died this midday while at the check-in counter of Caribbean Airlines at the Cheddi Jagan Airport, Timehri.

The man has been identified as Ramkirpaul Jagmohan. He is a Guyanese born Canadian citizen who was returning home. Reports indicate that he was travelling with his wife. When the man collapsed, the Medex based at the airport rushed to his aid but could not locate any pulse. He was taken to the nearby Guyana Defence Force Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead.

His wife who was accompanying him on the trip told airport officials that her husband was undergoing treatment for a heart condition and a number of heart related ailments. She said he was returning to Canada to continue treatment.

Chief Executive Officer at the Cheddi Jagan airport, Ramesh Ghir told News Source that the airport’s medical team was quick in its response and offered as much help as they could.

The couple arrived at the airport just as the airline was closing off check in for the non-stop flight. Airline officials were however making efforts to get them on the flight when the elderly man collapsed and died. His body has since been taken to a city morgue.


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