APNU/AFC coalition to unveil name and symbol on Friday

APNU/AFC coalition to unveil name and symbol on Friday

The Opposition parties, A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change will on Friday unveil the coalition’s symbol and name to go into the May 11, 2015 elections.

Sources close to the two parties have explained to News Source that the name and symbol do not stray much from the names of the parties and the symbols they currently use.

The APNU and AFC will be heading into the 2015 national elections as a single party with a single list of candidates. APNU Leader David Granger will serve as the Presidential Candidate while the AFC’s Vice Chairman Moses Nagamootoo will be the Prime Ministerial Candidate.

The two parties are expected to launch their campaign across the country over the next week. Already campaign managers have been identified for a number of communities and regions.

The two parties will be pooling their financial and other resources as part of the campaign. News Source understand that a Queenstown property has been identified as the coalition’s campaign headquarters.

APNU Leader David Granger at the signing of the Accord which cemented the coalition, said it was time for Guyana to move forward and that the days of one party rules are over.

The days of winner takes all politics are over… we have closed the door on that and that is most historic about what has happened today,” Granger said.

The two sides say they have not contemplated possibility of a defeat at the May 11 general and regional elections. “People want this thing badly, people want a coalition… people do not want five more year of the PPP and we are very confident that we will win on May 11,” Granger added.

In the construct of a new government the APNU will be allocated one Vice President and AFC two Vice Presidents both of whom will be members of the Cabinet.

It was agreed too that the Presidency will be reorganised and will see the Head of State having responsibility for the appointment of Constitutional Agencies and Commissions with the required and agreed democratic mechanisms of consultation and appoint along with Foreign Affairs, International Relations and Non-Commercial Treaties.

Also the President shall be responsible for National Security Policy, the Defence Board, the Joint Intelligence Committee and the Guyana Defence Force et al.

The President will delegate to the Prime Minister responsibilities for Domestic National Affairs and chairing Cabinet, recommending ministerial appointments and providing the organizational structures of Ministries for the approval of the President among others.

The Parties further agreed that Cabinet positions will allocated on a 60/40 basis between the APNU and the AFC respectively.

Both the Representative of the list and the Speaker of The House will be mutually selected by both parties from independent members of civil society.


Filed: 19th February, 2015

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