“Caribbean Airlines has stuck to the market” -CAL Communications Chief

“Caribbean Airlines has stuck to the market”   -CAL Communications Chief

In wake  of criticisms about its fare structure in the Guyana market, regional carrier Caribbean Airlines has been trying to explain why those high fares were introduced.

Head of Corporate Communications at Caribbean Airlines, Clint Williams explained that while high fares exist, the majority of fares would not be at the high prices that have been quoted in the media.

Mr. Williams who arrived in Georgetown on Wednesday for a number of meetings said “what we saw for summer, was that people booked very early and a lot of the lower fare ranges were picked up very early”. He said every flight would have different fare ranges and the lower fares would be bought up first leaving last-minute travelers to face the higher fares.

Over the past two months, scores of Guyanese travelers in Guyana and the United States have complained about some of the high fares being offered by Caribbean Airlines. The Government of Guyana also became worried about the high fares and called in top executives of the airline to meet with the President, other Government officials and members of the Private Sector. At that meeting, the airline executives said the fare structures for the Guyana market would be reexamined.

On Thursday during an interview with News Source, the Caribbean Airlines communications official said the airline is worried about the high fares too especially since it affects many of their regular travelers who may be making late bookings.

Mr. Williams said Caribbean Airlines has stuck to the Guyana market and has been introducing new services.

“Guyana has seen people come and go, they are some who have come and cherry pick certain seasons, they have brought charters and they are others who have simply looked at the math and decided that we have other things to do with our aircraft and they have simply moved to other markets, that’s a business decision but the record will show that Caribbean Airlines has stuck to the market”, Williams said.

He added that the airline is cognizant of the fact that its relationship with Guyana has not been smooth sailing but the carrier has remained and has been looking at ways to make its service more sustainable and that sustainability goes beyond high prices.

Williams explained that the regional airline is looking at ways to tackle its deficiencies in an effort to improve its service to Guyana. A few months back, the Government of Guyana granted the country’s flag carrier status to the airline for both the New York and Toronto routes.

Caribbean Airlines admits that it has not taken full advantage of the flag carrier status and Guyana has also not done the same. He said the matter regarding the flag carrier status and its benefits were discussed during the meeting with the Guyana government.

The airline has noted that there are a number of challenges that hang over the Guyana market which includes landing fees and taxes as well as the worrying efforts by drug pushers to use the airline for their drug trade.

The Corporate Communications Head said those challenges are being addressed as the carrier looks to offer Guyana a much better service since it sees the local market as of the most critical and rewarding.

Caribbean Airlines is the longest-serving airline in the Guyana market.


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