Centre for better HIV care established

Centre for better HIV care established

The Georgetown Hospital through assistance from the United States has launched a Centre of Excellence which will focus on special care for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

The establishment of the centre is being seen as a great milestone in the work done over the years in Guyana to combat the fight against HIV. The Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital, Michael Khan said a few years ago, there was very little done to adequately care for persons fighting the virus. He said there were cases where persons were refused admission because there was not enough care. That has all changed today, he assured.

United States Ambassador to Guyana D. Brent Hardt said Guyana has benefited from the U.S President’s Special Emergency Fund to fight HIV/AIDS.

The Ambassador said the “agreement provided opportunities for the Centre of Excellence to care for patients diagnosed with either HIV/AIDS or suspected and confirmed cases of active tuberculosis disease, who were admitted to GPHC through a multidisciplinary team including an Infectious  Disease Specialist”.

Under the initiative, procurement of machines and equipment necessary for aiding the diagnosis and management of patients with HIV and other co-morbidities were made to strengthen the Georgetown Hospital.

The United States is proud of the role it has been able to play, the Ambassador said while highlighting a number of areas that the US government has offered and committed its assistance. Ambassador Hardt noted that “there were also improvements in the  for patients admitted to the Infectious Disease Ward of the hospital. Through this agreement, a Resource Centre was established that has been and continues to be used for training to enhance the knowledge and skills of health care providers.”

The Head of the US Centre for Disease Control in Guyana, Dr. Barbara Allen said in Guyana today, there are 6,000 persons living with HIV. She said it was important to have the right care in place for them and also for those persons who may not know of their status.

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