Children to enter nursery school at younger age

Children to enter nursery school at younger age

The Education Ministry expects about 3,000 children more children entering nursery schools, due to the age change to 3 years 3 months. Enrolment for children born on or before June 30 and who are eligible for placement has commenced, and Minister of Education Priya Manickchand is urging parents/guardian to enrol their child/children as soon as possible at the school nearest to their home.

With effect from September 2014, children can enter the formal education system, six months earlier than previously obtained. Although this level of education is not mandatory, most children in Guyana begin their academic education at this level.

At present a child can only enter a public nursery school at age 3, if that child will be at least 3 years 9 months by December of the year he or she begins. For all the children who are born after March 31, they must wait until September in the year following to enter nursery school.

The Ministry of Education, in an effort to meet the needs of the evolving society last year announced that it would change the age at which a child can enrol in a Nursery School, which will allow for parents to give their children an earlier start to a sound education.

During an interview, Minister Manickchand reiterated that parents must enrol their child now in order for the ministry to have an idea of the number of students entering the school system so as to provide necessary materials needed for the new school term in September.

“We really need parents to come out and register…we don’t want children to be turning up in September and schools are not ready because we don’t have enough furniture or enough teachers in place, and so to help us prepare to teach your child and give them the best start possible you need to go and register,” Minister Manickchand urged.

Minister Manickchand noted that children around the world are evolving and Guyana’s children are no different, hence, the ministry sought to provide the opportunity for the children to enter the school system at an earlier age.

As customary, parents or guardians are asked to provide the child’s birth certificate and clinic card at the time of registration, along with their (the parents) National Identification Card and proof of address.

Parents who are employed or work at a school (e.g teachers, vendors, cleaners, gardeners, handymen etc) will be given priority, amongst the parents who appeal a placement, for his/her child/children at that school at which the said parent is employed/works and will be treated as though the child/children live closest to the said school at which said parent is employed/works.

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