Cocaine in Ochro busted at Cheddi Jagan Airport

Cocaine in Ochro busted at Cheddi Jagan Airport

Police and Customs Anti Narcotics Unit Officers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport were stunned when they came across cocaine hidden in a shipment of vegetables on Monday afternoon.

Initial reports indicate that the illicit drug was actually packed into scores of small ochro. News Source understands that the inside of the ochros were dug out and replaced with the cocaine. The entire vegetable shipment was removed and was being searched up to late Monday afternoon.

Officials explained that the officers are carefully going through the shipment and have not been able to weigh the cocaine found so far. The discovery was made by the Police Narcotics Branch stationed at the airport and CANU was called in to render assistance in the search. Details are unfolding.

Just last Friday, CANU agents at the Post Office busted a shipment of cocaine hidden in vegetarian chunks at the Georgetown Post Office. A 20-year-old woman from Linden has been charged in connection with that bust.

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