COVID-19 death toll jumps to 403

COVID-19 death toll jumps to 403

The Coronavirus death toll in the country jumped to 403 as three more deaths were officially recorded as being COVID-19 related. Two of the deaths occurred in the month of May but have only now been confirmed as being COVID-19 related.

The Health Ministry also reported today that 83 more cases of the virus have been recorded.

In his COVID-19 update today, Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said the vaccine appears more to be the sure ticket for persons avoiding becoming seriously ill from the virus.

He said based on records, there has been no admission of any fully vaccinated person into the hospital for COVID-19.

“We haven’t seen any fully immunized person coming into any one of our hospitals, well if they don’t come to the hospital then they wouldn’t have been in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), nor have we had any COVID-19 related deaths with people fully vaccinated. On the other hand, in almost all of the deaths that we have had in recent times, none of those persons have had their full vaccination. So, I think that is something people should think about”,  Dr. Anthony said

The Health Ministry is hoping to get 80% of the population fully vaccinated. Already more than 207,000 persons have received a first dose representing 42.7%.

The Health Minister said he still remains concerned that in some regions, the vaccination numbers remain low.

“We still see that there are few people in different regions that have not come back for their second dose. So, we want to appeal to persons who have received their Sinopharm to please come back and get your second dose because without being fully immunized you will not get all of the benefits for some of the vaccines”

Several communities across the country are hosting vaccination drives this weekend.

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