Decision already made about Parliament -Pres. Ramotar

Decision already made about Parliament  -Pres. Ramotar

With the Opposition parties set to move ahead with the no confidence motion against the Donald Ramotar administration when the National Assembly meets on Monday, President Ramotar appears to be sticking to his threat that he will prorogue or dissolve the Parliament should the Opposition proceed with the motion.

Speaking to News Source on Sunday, just outside his State House residence, President Ramotar said he has already made a decision about the Parliament and whether he will dissolve or prorogue it. He refused to give any hint of what that decision would be but made it clear that the nation will know the decision on Monday as the National Assembly is getting ready to meet for the first time in over three months.

Mr. Ramotar brushed aside the statements from the Opposition Leader that should he prorogue the Parliament, he will not have any further talks with him on any issue. “We will see about all of those things that are ahead of us”, the President said. He said he has never closed any door to any talks with the Opposition Leader and will not be doing so now.

Some Government Ministers have been hinting that the President intends to prorogue the Parliament on Monday. That move will bring an end to the current session of the Parliament and all of the bills and motions that are currently before the House will die as a result of the move. The prorogation period will last for six months and after that period a new Session of the Parliament will begin. The President might be forced to head to national elections if the Opposition parties continue to push for the no confidence motion when the Parliament comes back into session.

While not wanting to give any information about his impending decision with regard to the Parliament, the President said all of the decisions he has made in his political life have been in the best interest of the country.

The Opposition parties hold the majority in Guyana’s National Assembly. The no confidence motion is being moved by the Alliance For Change and the other Opposition party, A Partnership for National Unity has promised its full support.

The Opposition parties have described as “cowardly” any attempts to silence the work of the Assembly by the President giving instructions to suspend its sittings.


Filed: 9th November, 2014.

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