President Prorogues Parliament

President Prorogues Parliament

President Donald Ramotar on Monday morning kept true to a threat and has prorogued the Parliament of Guyana. By doing so, the current session of the National Assembly has come to an end and all of the Bills and Motions before the House have been killed.

News Source understands that the President made his decision last week just after meeting with his cabinet and informed other Government officials of his decision. The decision was kept close to the chest of the Government as it rolled out its Ministers and Members of Parliament over the weekend to  defend the impending decision on national television.

On Sunday, President Ramotar told News Source that his decision would be in the best interest of the country. But Opposition Leader David Granger has indicated that he does not intend to have any talks with the President during the prorogue period. Granger said by Proroguing the Parliament, the President would have silenced the voice of the people of Guyana.

The President’s decision comes as his government faces a no confidence motion. That motion was expected to have been laid before the National Assembly for debate and passage on Monday.

With the Opposition parties hold the majority in the National Assembly, the passage of the Bill was guaranteed and it would have paved the way for national elections to be held within three months.

Now that the Parliament has been prorogued, the administration will have six months to continue doing business without the National Assembly. At the end of that six month period, the President might be forced to call early elections if the Opposition decide to hold on to their no confidence motion and ensure its passage. At that stage the President will be forced to dissolve the Parliament and set a date for National Elections.

There are reports that the President is expected to meet with the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission to ascertain the readiness of GECOM for national elections.  The Elections Commission has constantly said it is ready.

The Opposition parties are convinced that the President is looking to buy more time in office by proroguing the Parliament. They intend to step up their nationwide campaign as they prepare for elections in 2015.


Filed: 10th November, 2014

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