Decomposed body of woman found in Turkeyen bushes

Decomposed body of woman found in Turkeyen bushes

The badly decomposed body of woman was on Thursday evening found in a clump of bushes on an empty plot of land at Turkeyen on the East Coast of Demerara.

Police investigators suspect that the body might be that of missing St. Stanislaus College teacher Nyozi Goodman. However, up to news time, there could be no confirmation on the identification of the body.

According to sources, the body was partly clothed but was already rotting. The hands appeared to have been bound.

Most of the body was decomposed except for a few body parts.

Goodman has been missing for over two weeks. She was last seen after a game of basketball at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall and reportedly told another teacher that she expected someone to pick her up. There have been a number of search teams spread out across the city over the past week increasing their efforts to find the missing teacher.

Relatives and friends became worried the day after the former Miss Linden was last seen. They said it was unlike her to stay away from her home without making contact with any of her relatives.

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