DPP still to offer advice on Police “friendly fire” shooting death

DPP still to offer advice on Police “friendly fire” shooting death

Two months since Police Sergeant Alex Vaughn was shot dead by a fellow Policeman, the Director Public Prosecutions is still to advise on whether charges should be filed against the rank who fired the deadly shots. Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum today said the Force is awaiting the DPP’s advice in the matter.

The incident took place back in March in the interior location of Karrau in Region 7, during a manhunt for an escaped prisoner.

Police Sergeant Alex Vaughn was leading a team of ranks, when he was shot multiple times by one of his own ranks.

The Guyana Police Force in a statement shortly after said Vaughn was mistakenly shot dead by a Police Constable, who was initially placed under close arrest.

A probe was ordered by Acting Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken, and that probe was completed by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility with the support of the Police Complaints Authority.

Following the completion of the probe, the investigation file was dispatched to the DPP’s office for advice. However, that advice is still to be offered.

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