Fmr. Personal Assistant to Govt. Minister wanted for VIP Airport drug bust

Fmr. Personal Assistant to Govt. Minister wanted for VIP Airport drug bust

A former Personal Assistant to the Junior Agriculture Minister, is wanted in connection with the Friday morning drug bust at the Cheddi Jagan Airport involving two passengers who had gained access to the VIP area.

The former personal assistant has been identified as Kenneth Jones.

Officers from the Narcotics Branch of the police force want to question him about the  over 40 pounds of cocaine that was found in the suitcases of two outgoing passengers.

According to Police sources, although Jones may have left his job at the Agriculture Ministry over six months ago, he apparently still had access to the office and was able to provide the airport with bogus letters from the Agriculture Ministry seeking use of the VIP Lounge.

The two passengers had already cleared VIP security and were in the lounge when agents raised questions about their vip access and the letter that allowed them that access. The passengers were called out of the area and searched again and it was then that the cocaine was found in their suitcases.  They were immediately arrested and will face drug trafficking charges in the new week.

Investigators believe that this may not have been the first time that the former Government employee may have gained access to the vip area of the airport for outgoing passengers using bogus documents.

The Cheddi Jagan Airport has launched an investigation of its own into the incident. The airport has come under criticism in the past over its security.

Both the Police Narcotics Branch and the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit have stepped up their presence at the airport.


Filed: 30th January, 2015


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