GDF searches for missing ammo

GDF searches for missing ammo

The Guyana Defence Force on Monday morning announced that it has set up a Board of Inquiry to report on any breaches of the Standard Operating Procedures for the handling and accounting for ammunition at the Colonel John Clarke Military Training School at Takama.

The decision by the GDF comes in wake of the discovery of several missing AK-47 rounds. It is unclear when the ammunition may have gone missing but the discovery was only made last week. A number of soldiers are being questioned about the missing ammunition and several others are to be questioned or placed under close arrest.

In a statement the GDF announced that ” investigators are currently checking for ten (10) 7.62 x 39mm rounds that went missing from The Guard Room of the Colonel John Clarke Military School at Tacama, Upper Berbice River.”

The statement added that the Guyana Defence Force has since conducted checks that accounted for all other ammunition held at the Colonel John Clarke Military Training School, Tacama.

This is not the first time that ammunition cannot be accounted for at one of the military training schools. A few years ago, there was the concern that some rogue soldiers may be stealing the ammunition to sell to persons outside of the military.

The GDF has been looking to clamp down on the illegal activity.

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