GEA fires more staffers over polygraph tests

GEA fires more staffers over polygraph tests

The Guyana Energy Agency today fired three more staffers after they reportedly failed lie detector tests. The 3 GEA Inspectors were called in to a meeting this morning at the Agency’s Quamina Street location and told that their services were no longer needed because they failed the polygraph tests that they were subjected to undergo.

One of the 3 dismissed employees is 20-year-old Jenelle Noble who said she is still shocked over her firing. The young woman told News Source that she worked at the GEA for just over 2 years and in those years she never had any discipline issue with the agency and there was no complaint against her or the way she did her job.

She said she agreed to submit herself to the polygraph tests when the agency told her she needed to complete it. Still in shock, Noble said she could not believe that she would be fired over the lie detector tests since according to her she answered all of the questions truthfully.

The former Inspector told News Source that the questions asked during the polygraph tests were not specific questions and had nothing to do with her job or the agency. “The questions were all very general and unrelated to my job”, she said.

Just a few weeks ago, a number of other GEA employees were fired after they refused to subject themselves to the voluntary tests. One of those dismissed is contemplating legal action since he said he does not understand how he could have been fired for failing to undergo a test that was voluntary.

The Guyana Energy Agency has been very tight-lipped on the issue.


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