“We are going to have a damn good elections” -Dr. Surujbally

“We are going to have a damn good elections”    -Dr. Surujbally

As Guyana gears up for the May 11, 2015 General and Regional Elections, the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Dr. Steve Surujbally is confident that the Commission will oversee a properly conducted process.

Speaking at the end of a Media Code of Conduct for the Elections workshop on Wednesday, the GECOM Chairman declared that the Elections Commission will ensure that Guyana sees a “damn good elections”.

“We are going to have a damn good elections and I have no doubt about it in my own mind”, Surujbally said. The Elections Chairman has repeatedly brushed aside concerns about the Commission’s readiness for the polls. He said the Elections Commission is ready and will prove that readiness.

He explained to News Source that he is confident of the work that GECOM will do because of all  of the investment in training and the hiring of well qualified staffers.

He said his staff has been putting a lot of good work and with a new Chief Elections Officer and a new Deputy Chief Elections along with other new senior staff members, he is confident that the process will be well conducted.

“We are pretty much ready”, he declared.

Surujbally said all he wants from the political parties is peace. He said the campaigns should be carried out by the parties with focus on that area.

The Guyana Elections Commission is currently hosting the Claims and Objections period for the elections. The preliminary voters lists have been posted at the centres in various communities and residents are being encouraged to check the list and check it twice.

Filed: 18th February, 2015

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