Government turns down US$13.1 Million USAID project

Government turns down US$13.1 Million USAID project

The Government of Guyana has turned down a multi billion dollar USAID agreement claiming that the document covering the agreement was flawed.

The Government’s Chief spokesman Dr. Roger Luncheon said the project proposal presented to Guyana did not reflect bilateral input of the Government of Guyana and USAID, and on that basis considerable reservations were expressed by the administration.

He explained that the design was considered by Cabinet and both project and design were rejected.

“The project that habitually and conventionally is an engagement between Guyana and its development partner USAID, this one in 2012 departed from that convention. Firstly we were presented with an agreement to sign, over which we had zero contribution. Secondly, when we officially got the design, there was considerable objection, as far as the administration was concerned, this design would have never ever been provided for in any bilateral relationship, as a consequence it was rejected.”

According to Luncheon, the project would have allowed the involvement of the USAID in the national life and politics of Guyana. The US$13.1M bilateral agreement was to advance development in health, economic growth, and democracy and governance.

 USAID has not commented on the decision by the Government to pull out of the project. The organisation has been providing assistance to Guyana in several areas for decades.

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