Two die in Upper Demerara boat accident

Two die in Upper Demerara boat accident

The Guyana Police Force on Monday confirmed that two persons were killed late on Sunday night when the boat they were in, collided with another boat in the vicinity of Maritaro in the Upper Demerara River.

The two dead men have been identified as 28-year-old Dale Duggin of Maritaro Village and Williamson Felix. Duggin was the captain of the boat. Both men were badly injured as a result of the collision and died as a result off those injuries.

The captain and occupants of the other boat were rescued and are nursing injures. They have been identified as Michael Edwards of Lower Demerara River, Travis Gilkes of Malali and the captain Telford Lim.

According to the Police statement, the incident occurred just after 9 pm on Sunday.

The surviving Captain Telford Lim is in Police custody assisting with the investigations.

This year has seen an increase in the number of river accidents. There have been moves to make the country’s waterways safer but in many of the interior villages, there is no policing of any policy.

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