Govt. not happy with Opposition’s AML positions

Govt. not happy with Opposition’s AML positions

The Government of Guyana continues to cry foul over the opposition’s decision to put in place a number of changes to the amendments to the anti money laundering bill.

At a Press Conference on Tuesday afternoon, Chairperson of the Select Committee on the anti money laundering bill, member of parliament Gail Teixiera said the amendment bill was being held hostage by the opposition which enjoys the majority in the National Assembly.

“Regrettably, since February 26 there has been no indication from the AFC or APNU that they have climbed down from their maximum position of that day…from the press coverage you can see that they are continuing in the same way of ensuring the bill does not come to the House. The bill is held hostage in the committee,” Teixeira said.

The opposition parties in parliament have made clear their position on the bill. They want the changes they have put forward to be included in the bill and they also want the President to assent to all those bills that he has refused to sign into law.

Guyana has already missed a number of deadlines for the enactment of the amended Anti-money laundering Bill. While the government continues to push for its passage as is, it has not been able to fully explain why no one has ever been charged under the current anti money laundering bill that has been in place since 2009.

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has sought to explain the reasons behind that face by saying there are still a number of mechanisms that ought to first be put in place.



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