Govt. tries to salvage problem plagued e-governance project

Govt. tries to salvage problem plagued e-governance project

The Government of Guyana is expected to consult with two international companies in a last ditch effort to salvage the multi billion dollar e-governance project which has been plagued with numerous delays and problems.

The project entails the laying of fibre optic cables from Brazil to Guyana. That exercise began four years ago and was headed by Alexi Ramotar who is the son of President Ramotar.

Despite several assurances from the younger Ramotar and the government itself, the project has been lagging behind schedule. Now there are reports that several sections of the already installed cable have been damaged as a result of bad installation and poor maintenance.

At his weekly press briefing, Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon admitted that the problems exist but he is of the view that the project could still be saved. He told journalists that although the cost is expected to rise, he is of the view that the issues could be remedied.

Luncheon said the project must be saved because of the hefty cost attached to it. Over $1 Billion is believed to have been spent on the project so far.

According to the project’s website, the “mission is to build a robust ICT system that will improve the connectivity within Guyana and increase access to international carriers, through the implementation of Guyana’s first 4G network utilizing TDD LTE technology.”


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