GPL urges power conservation as demand reaches new heights

GPL urges power conservation as demand reaches new heights

The Guyana Power and Light is asking customers to conserve on electricity usage as the company has recorded its highest-level electricity generation and demand in the Demerara- Berbice interconnected system.

The company said it recently recorded a peak demand of 182 megawatts, when the usual high demand is around 154 megawatts.

Over the last few days, several parts of Georgetown, Berbice and Bartica have been dogged by multiple power outages.

According to GPL, due to the rise in temperatures, there has been a noticeable use of Air Conditioning units and fans.

The company said in some instances, those AC units and fans are left on in homes and businesses that are unoccupied resulting in unnecessary energy wastage.

The company was quick to point out that the issue is not just common to Guyana and said several other neighboring countries are facing similar challenges.

In an effort to cushion the power supply issues, GPL is urging factories, manufacturers and other large customers to mange their production schedules efficiently to conserve electricity.

The company is also urging persons to unplug appliances when not in use, use LED lights as well as to schedule laundry and ironing.

The company said it will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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