Granger too stiff to lead PNC -Clarissa Rheil

Granger too stiff to lead PNC   -Clarissa Rheil

She has not stepped foot in Congress Place since 2011, but former PNC Executive Member and former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Clarissa Riehl returned to her party’s headquarters on Sunday to cast her vote for the Leadership of the party. She left disappointed as she complained about the current leadership of the party that she has served for decades.

Riehl said the current PNC Leader David Granger is simply “too stiff” to lead the party and has showcased his political inexperience by not becoming more involved in the happenings in the party.

Speaking to journalists outside Congress Place while she munched on a bag of plantain chips, Riehl said she has several concerns about the way “things were being done in the PNC. She said she has had enough and now intends to offer her official resignation from the party.

According to the Attorney, the party must work to change the ways things are being done but  in the meanwhile, she intends to disassociate herself completely from the party.

She said it doesn’t help either that party Leader, David Granger appears not connected enough to the people to lead the party. She said he appears as an “aloof leader who stands aside”. According to Ms. Riehl, during the Congress, there were many instances when Granger should have stepped in as leader and “take charge” of situations but instead he chose to stand aside and watch on.

“He should have been at the helm at every time, every aspect of things. It doesn’t take any rocket science to know that. You are the head of this party, use your authority to calm in a calming way”, Riehl noted.

The PNC Leader David Granger took over the helm of the party two years ago at the party’s 17th Biennial Congress. There have been many mumbling among some of the party’s members that he appears disconnected from the real world of politics in Guyana.

Riehl who holds the distinction of being the first woman Officer of the Guyana Defence Force, told News Source that Granger’s experience as a military leader “is not the same that is required in a political party where you have to hug people and shake hands and hug babies and talk nice to people. I have heard many comments that Mr. Granger is too stiff and aloof with the ordinary folk”.


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