Granger warns GECOM about “dirty” voters list

Granger warns GECOM about “dirty” voters list

APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger has raised questions about the size of the revised list of electors and he may already be convinced that the voters list is a “dirty list”.

Speaking at a New York meeting with Guyanese over the weekend, Granger questioned how it is that the voters list has seen a jump in its numbers by over 100,000 in three years. The voters list currently stands at more than 500,000 persons which would mean that close to 75% of the country’s population is eligible to vote.

Granger told the New York meeting that the APNU+AFC will push for the cleaning up of the list ahead of the May 11 elections.

“Do not take things for granted. Do not be complacent. The list has suddenly gone up by 100,000 to 567,000. Keep your eyes open. We do not believe in that. How in three years in a country in which the population is falling, the voters list has gone up by 100,000? Granger asked.

Mr. Granger said the coalition is ready for free and transparent elections and he is confident of victory at the May 11 polls. The Guyana Elections Commission over the past months has been defending the size of the list and has indicated that there are scores of new registrants.

However, there continues to be calls for the list to be cleansed. The People’s Progressive Party has been raising its own concerns about the voters list and its size but following the prorogation of parliament back in November 2014, the President claimed that one of the reasons he made the prorogation move was to ensure many Guyanese who were not registered to vote could be given more time to do so.

Guyana heads to the polls on May 11, 2015.


Filed: 24th March, 2015

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