Family blames clinic’s vaccine mix-up for baby’s death

Family blames clinic’s vaccine mix-up for baby’s death

The family of a 4-month-old baby who passed away last Wednesday, is blaming the Plaisance Health Centre for the child’s death and family members want a full investigation into what may have really killed “Baby Kevin”.

Family members of 4-month-old Kevin Critchlow staged a protest outside the Plaisance Health Center on Monday, calling for a health care worker at the facility to be held responsible for the child’s death.

The dead infant’s parents believe that a nurse at the Plaisance Health Centre is responsible for their son’s death after administering the wrong vaccine. The child’s angry mother, Suemede Critchlow told News Source that she would stop at nothing in the pursuit of justice for her son’s untimely demise.

Fighting back tears and through her cracking voice, the grieving mother declared that “I’m going to try my utmost and I will get justice because I wouldn’t stop until I do.”

She recounted last Wednesday’s ordeal and explained that a post-mortem examination has determined that the child died from brain hemorrhaging. The mother is convinced that the condition was caused by the actions of the health facility at Plaisance.

The mother explained that last Wednesday, she took her “perfectly healthy” son to the clinic for his four months vaccine. She also took his older cousin for the 39 months vaccine.

Both cousins share the same Critchlow last name and the mother believes that may have led to the mix up of the vaccines. She believes that there was a lapse that led to her son’s death and she wants justice.

The young mother explained that when she took the children back home, her son slept for an unusually long period and when she decided to check on him, it was then that she noticed he had a high temperature and was bleeding through the nose. She said as she tried to comfort him, she noticed froth building up at the corners of his mouth and she rushed him to the Georgetown Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

The distraught mother said she was devastated by the loss of her young baby and decided to revisit the health centre the following day to find out what really took place. She said it was then that it was explained to her that there might have been a mix up with the vaccines and a possible attempt to change the information on the baby’s clinic cards and records.

A report was filed with the police and the mother is also calling on the Ministry of Health to carry out a full and thorough investigation into the circumstances that led to the child’s death.


Filed: 24th March, 2015


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