Group holds silent picket outside AG office over Crum-Ewing’s murder

Group holds silent picket outside AG office over Crum-Ewing’s murder

For weeks, 40-year-old political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing held his own solo court on Carmichael Street in front of the Attorney General’s office as he called for the AG’s resignation over the contents of a recorded telephone conversation between the Attorney General and a reporter.

Over the past few days, he shifted his protests to the streets of Georgetown and its environs and focused more on the upcoming elections. He was always armed with his loud hailer and on Tuesday morning he was spoke loudly along Regent Street as he encouraged Guyanese to vote the PPP Civic out of government.

On Tuesday night, he moved to the Diamond community where he called home since remigrating from Antigua. He was gunned down just before 8pm as he continued his loud calls for Guyanese to head out and vote at the upcoming polls.

The execution style murder of Courtney Crum-Ewing shocked the country and the Ministry of Home Affairs ordered a thorough investigation.

On Wednesday midday, a small group of concerned Guyanese mounted a picket exercise outside the Attorney General’s Chambers. They took up the same spot that was used by Crum-Ewing but this time the justice they were calling for, was for Crum-Ewing himself.

Many of those gathered expressed shock at the man’s execution and said there is the need for an independent probe. The Guyana Police Force said investigations are ongoing.

According to the Police, Crom-Ewing was walking along the roadway when a car pulled up alongside him and loud gunshots rang out. He fell to the ground with his loud hailer rolling and coming to a stop not too far from his body.

Persons who were in the area at the time said they saw no vehicle drive by, so many of them expressed shock at the reports that a car carrying four men drove up to the man before he was gunned down.

Over the past months, the activist who is a former GDF officer staged almost daily protests outside the office of the attorney general anil nandlall calling for nandlall’s resignation over the recorded telephone conversation involving the attorney general and a reporter.

He had complained in the past of being targeted over his protests and had filed a police complaint after his bus was vandalized.


Filed:  11th March 2015

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