GTU proposes interim 20% payment for teachers and other conditions for resumption of work

GTU proposes interim 20% payment for teachers and other conditions for resumption of work

An interim 20% across-the-board payment for teachers, is among conditions laid out by the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) for the resumption of work, as teachers continue their strike action and the union continues to engage with the Ministry of Education.

In its most recent statement, the GTU said the payment should be made immediately. 

The union has also laid out four other conditions, including that there be no victimization of teachers, loss of service, transfers, or demotions upon the resumption of duties.

The union is also demanding that once the ongoing strike is called off, negotiations must commence within 72-hours for a period of no more than six weeks. 

It said should negotiations fail to bear fruit within the stipulated period, then there should be the establishment of an arbitration tribunal. It also wants the Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton to recuse himself from the negotiation process.

The Union laid out those conditions for resumption of work during the first two days of the conciliation process with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour, which is expected to continue next Monday.

“Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education has shown no interest in considering the Union’s requests or engaging in meaningful conciliations to resolve the ongoing strike. Despite the GTU’s efforts to reach a reasonable compromise, the MOE has remained steadfast in their refusal to negotiate a collective labour agreement for the period 2019-2023, which is the core grievance prompting the strike,” the Central Executive of the Teachers’ Union said. 

It said the talks will continue on Monday, but warned that the Education Ministry’s failure to act in good faith can result in a continuation of the strike that started in February and continued for approximately four weeks before a three-week hiatus. 

“The conciliation process will continue on Monday May 20,2024 but the lack of good faith from the Ministry of Education is deeply concerning,” it said. 

The GTU said it remains committed to advocating for the rights and welfare of all teachers, and will continue to explore all options to ensure its demands are met. 

In a direct message to teachers, the Union said it understands the “frustration and uncertainty” the situation has caused, and it appreciates its patience and support. 

“Our strike actions will continue until we have a substantial agreement from the MOE,” it said, while promising to keep the nation’s teachers informed as the conciliation process progresses. 

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