Guyana has only 3 working breathalyzer kits

Guyana has only 3 working breathalyzer kits

Even as there are concerns about drunk driving in Guyana and the accidents that may have been caused by drunk drivers, the Guyana Police Force may not be properly equipped to tackle the problem.

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has admitted that in all of Guyana, there are only three breathalyzer kits that are working. One of the kits is located in Georgetown, while the other two are located in the Berbice district and the West Demerara area. Rohee said there are plans underway to buy at least forty more of the kits.

He made the disclosures while responding to a question that was raised by AFC Member of Parliament Cathy Hughes.

The Minister said with the three working kits, over 80 persons were tested for their blood alcohol levels. Of that figure, only 51 of them were charged.

The Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force has been expressing serious concerns about the number of accidents in the country that they believe may have been a result of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Already, over 10 persons have lost their lives for this year in traffic accidents.

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