“We Hate Elections” -Private Sector Commission Official

“We Hate Elections” -Private Sector Commission Official

The Private Sector Commission is worried that early elections could spell more bad news for local businesses. President Donald Ramotar is expected to name a date for elections to be held this year soon.

Former Chairman of the Private Sector Commission Ramesh Dookhoo who now serves as the Head of the Commission’s Trade and Investment Committee told a news conference on Wednesday that the business community simply hates elections and would have been happier had the government and opposition parties found a way to move around their differences.

“The private sector hate elections! We hate elections! We do no business before elections and we do no business after elections. Having elections before the five years is up is a huge disincentive to the private sector,” Dookhoo said.

He added that he is embarrassed as a Guyanese by the fact that the three main parties were not able find a solution to the political problems facing the country. According to Dookhoo, the past year in parliament has seen nothing other than “obstructionist” politics and that needs to change for the betterment of the nation.

The Parliament in Guyana has been suspended since November, 2014. President Ramotar said he made that move to suspend the Parliament in an effort to block the Opposition’s no confidence motion against his government.

Following the prorogation of Parliament, the Private Sector Commission proposed an agreement that would have seen the President lifting the suspension of Parliament and the Opposition calling off its no confidence motion.

The proposal was dismissed by the opposition parties which made it clear that the Private Sector’s proposal offered nothing new and ignored the realities facing the country and the political situation.


Filed: 15th January, 2015

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