High tide and flood warning issued

High tide and flood warning issued

The Ministry of Public Works has issued a warning to the public, urging citizens to take all necessary precautions during the spring tide period of May 22 – 30, 2013. High tides have been predicted to be above the normal levels.

According to the Government Information Agency, sandbags have been placed as a precautionary measure from Kingston to Ogle, in light of the recent over topping that caused flooding in some city areas.

High tides of 3.11 metres, overwhelmed the sea defence between Liliendaal and Vlissengen Road, resulting in the flooding of the Northern carriageway on that section.

GINA said “the inundation of the roadways and the resultant flooding of the adjacent areas, were blamed on the inability of the water to run off the land, because of clogged drains, a direct result of the careless discarding of garbage during the usual seawall activities.”

The Public Works Ministry has since banned that event from that vicinity.

The Ministry of Public Work’s has stated that it has acquired “specially designed sandbags and trays” to offer mobile elevation of challenged sea and river defences.

The Ministry is warning residents, especially in the areas particularly susceptible to possible flooding as a result over topping to take necessary precautions. These areas that could be affected include: Onderneeming, Zeelandia, Vreed-en -Hoop, Kitty, Georgetown to Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara, West Coast Berbice, and along the banks of the Canje River.

The highest tide is expected to be on Sunday, May 26, at 04.45 hours, at a height of 3.21metres.


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