Hotel owner found murdered under bed

Hotel owner found murdered under bed

The owner of a city Brothel was found murdered on Thursday morning in one of the rooms in his establishment, leaving family members and close friends stunned over his death and the way he was killed.

Sixty-one year old Joseph Jagdeo aka “Uncle Joey” was found with his hands and feet tied and his mouth gagged under the bed in Room 10 of the South Central Hotel on South Road in Georgetown. The discovery was made just after 6 o’ clock on Thursday morning. The man was last seen alive on Tuesday night.

He body bore a number of injuries and investigators believe he may have been beaten and strangled to death.

The South Road hotel which he owned and managed for decades is a popular spot for city prostitutes and couples seeking “short time” accommodation. The building also houses a 24 hour liquor restaurant.

According to his reputed wife, Fazia Hack, “Uncle Joey” lived in a room at the two storey building and she would usually prepare his meals and send them over to him. She said when she did not hear from him on Tuesday, she contacted the hotel and was told by one of the staffers that he had left for a meeting.

She said she continued calling the hotel for him on Wednesday, but every time she called, she would be told that he was out and the staffers told her they would deliver her message. “I became very worried but they kept telling me he went out or he at a meeting, but he would still check in with me, so I found that a bit strange”, the woman said.

Deep in thought and with a confused look on her face, the reputed wife explained that the last time she called the hotel was on Wednesday afternoon and one of the staffers told her that she should send over his dinner and she did just that, and waited for a call. The call never came from him.

Early on Thursday morning, she said she received a call from one o the hotel staffers and the person told her that her reputed husband had been found dead in one of the hotel’s rooms.

She told News Source that she immediately woke up their son and rushed over to the hotel where she saw police investigators pulling out the man’s body from under the bed. She said “all this time I was calling and was being told that he out and he at meeting and so, the man was already dead in the room and they probably didn’t know, I can’t believe this happen. I am just shocked and our son who is in high school is in more shock”.

The man has no other relatives in Guyana and his reputed wife said she has been making efforts to contact all of his siblings who reside in the United States. She is at a loss as to who may have wanted the man dead, adding that he never complained about having any problems with anyone and was well liked by friends and customers who would frequent the establishment.

News Source understands that a number of the hotel’s staff have been questioned. The investigation continues.



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